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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Rosella Collins-Puoch, Ed. D., LICSW


Social Work


The purpose of this study was to explore professional’s perspectives on the service needs for people with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) and their families. A qualitative research design was used to obtain data from (n=4) four professionals from a variety of work settings. The results of this study supported previous literature in identifying the challenges in supporting and lack of services for people with FTD and their caregivers. The major theme which emerged in this research was that there is a need for FTD specific services. The subthemes which emerged to support this theme included: physical activities, more staffing, individualization, collaboration, financial barriers, and education. Implications for future include the need for social workers to provide education and advocate for service needs for people with FTD and their caregiver in multiple levels. In additional to exploring professional perspectives is imperative that future research explore the service and support needs from the perspective of those providing care for individuals diagnosed with FTD.

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