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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

First Advisor

Michael Chovanec, Ph.D., LICSW


Social Work


The purpose of this research project was to gain insight into the impact of mobile technology use among individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities (DD/ID). Individuals with DD/ID are engaging in their communities and society more now than ever before and are using mobile technology as a mode to make it possible. The study’s research revolved around the experiences of professionals who work closest with individuals with DD/ID, which provided valuable, first-hand insight into the impact of mobile technology. This study also helps provide information on a topic that has relatively limited available research. One of the strongest themes in this study was how the use of mobile technology among individuals with DD/ID helps increase their connectedness to the communities and societies in which they participate. Increased connectedness ultimately leads to a reduction of stigma and increases awareness about what it means to live with a DD/ID. Increased was also described as a method for individuals with DD/ID to advocate on their own behalf, and urge for better disability programs, policies, and services. Overall, information gathered through this study indicated that mobile technology appears to positively impact the quality of life of individuals with DD/ID, by increasing independence, self-determination, and community connectedness. The limitations of this research, along with recommendations for future researchers are also included in this study.

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Social Work Commons