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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

First Advisor

Karen Carlson, Ph.D., LICSW


Social Work


This is a qualitative study of low- income working single mothers and the issues they face as they juggle to find childcare among the other responsibilities. Participants included 11 single mothers who are employed, going to school or doing both. The study used oral interviews that were carried out face to face with the participants at a convenient place. The questions asked were about work history, wages, level of education, childcare needs, choices and satisfaction with childcare employment and hours, types of transportation they use to take the children to childcare, other significant challenges with childcare and what they would like to see change in the childcare industry. The participants revealed challenges that supported the data in the literature review. The themes that emerged from the study included experiences of stress, high cost of childcare, transportation issues, unfavorable welfare/childcare policies, irregular schedules and fluctuating hours, childcare availability and sustainability and child safety. Recommendations for policy would be to include inclusive childcare policies and more funding for quality childcare that include evening and night time options to serve all families regardless of their economic status or the hours when they worked.

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