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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Laurel Bidwell, Ph.D., LICSW


Social Work


There are an increasing number of students labeled as “Emotionally or Behaviorally Disordered” (EBD) each year (Seidman, 2005). Less than one half of students labeled as EBD graduate (Lehr & McComas, 2005). Early identification is crucial in order to get EBD students the resources and supports that they need to succeed in school. Previous research shows that early identification and early provision of services leads to better outcomes (Kauffman, 1999). This places importance on the properly and timely assessments of students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. The current qualitative study seeks to examine whether current special education assessment processes, along with eligibility regulations, provide an adequate way to target the proper interventions in a timely manner. This research looks at the assessment process from the view point of the professionals who work closest to the students. Findings indicate for school social work are also explored.

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Social Work Commons