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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

First Advisor

Lisa Kiesel, Ph.D., LICSW


Social Work


Aims: To examine the evidence displayed across 3 distinct communities (popular, scientific, & clinical) in conjunction with the use of MDMA-AP as an intervention for PTSD. Method: A mixed method synthesis of qualitative and quantitative research. Data Sources: Four databases were searched [1980-Present] for MDMA & PTSD and/or Mithoefer, et al. 2010 specific scientific literature providing forty-two randomly selected articles; YouTube was searched specifically targeting the same criteria to provide forty-two randomly selected videos; 201 LICSW’s from Minnesota were also surveyed. Results: From the three datasets, three common themes emerged: (1) attitudes specifically geared toward MDMA-AP; (2) effusive or willful language; and (3) gaps in the research. Conclusions: Scientific literature is neutral to somewhat supportive of more study of MDMA-AP; primary source videos consider the topic highly newsworthy and are generally supportive of more study; LICSWs are supportive of the idea of further study of MDMA-AP.

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Social Work Commons