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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Pa Der Vang


Social Work


Half of the 2.6 million veterans identify difficulty in transitioning back to civilian life after deployment (Chandrasekaren, 2014). With at least twenty percent of OEF/OIF veterans returning being diagnosed with PTSD and or Depression the need for connection to reduce isolation is high (Tanielian, Jaycox, 2008). Additionally, participation in Veteran Service Organizations like the VFW and American Legion are down over thirty percent (Montgomery, 2014). This project works to identify what is working in some of the Minneapolis and St. Paul posts to increase participation and what might be interfering with participation members. The study was conducted by talking with leaders in posts about the outreaches they are doing for veterans. Recruitment of active military, discounted membership, and integration of OEF/OIF veterans in transitioning the building were discovered as ways to increase participation. Whereas, the bar, misconception of benefits, and privacy laws were seen as interfering with participation increase.

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