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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Jessica Toft


Social Work


This research sought to examine knowledge and perceptions about welfare and welfare recipients among Minnesota Millennials. Three questions were addressed: What is the Minnesotan Millennials’ level of knowledge of the MFIP system and perceptions of MFIP recipients?; Why do Minnesotan Millennials believe people are poor?; and What are the Minnesotan Millennials thoughts about the welfare system? An online survey was created with the survey software Qualtrics and the survey was posted on Facebook pages around the state of Minnesota. The survey had 84 respondents. Thirteen knowledge items were administered. Respondents who answered eight or more questions correctly were deemed knowledgeable; 51.8% of respondents were deemed knowledgeable. Inferential statistics were run to find if a correlation existed between respondents’ degree of knowledge and attributions for poverty. As knowledge of welfare and welfare recipients increased, their belief that individuals are the cause of their own poverty decreased. Additionally, as knowledge increased, so did respondents’ beliefs in structural causes for poverty. Millennials are becoming a large voting block and it is important to examine their knowledge and views about welfare policy, which influences the lives of many families in the United States. Similar research should be conducted in other states to discover if similar patterns are found around the county.

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