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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Melissa Lundquist


Social Work


Adolescents who experience parental divorce often experience several academic and psychosocial implications. The purpose of this project was to understand the overall psychosocial and academic impact of parental divorce on adolescents and the variables that influenced these responses. Using a semi-structured, qualitative interview six school social workers were interviewed regarding their professional experience within the school setting and their work with adolescents experiencing parental divorce. The findings were consistent with the research, which indicated that positive and respectful parental communication throughout all stages of the divorce process was key in regards to the psychosocial and academic implications. However, the data collected revealed a new area of importance: support. Respondents shared the value of support through individual professional interventions, support groups, as well as through the community supports and mentorship as a key component to the overall well-being of the adolescent and the family during parental divorce. These findings demonstrate the importance of communication within the home, family, and with key supports in order to provide a supportive, objective, and safe environment for the adolescent during a time of frequent change.

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