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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Lisa Kiesel


Social Work


This clinical research project investigates factors that contribute to success in substance abuse treatment for individuals with a dual diagnosis through the perspective of licensed social workers in the State of Minnesota. This research looked at possible associations between different individual client factors, respondent’s demographic background, and treatment model effectiveness as they relate to clients success in treatment. A quantitative study was conducted by administering a survey to a randomly generated email list in which 146 respondents completed the survey. The respondents were all licensed social workers in the state of Minnesota and identified themselves as having experience working with clients who had a dual diagnosis or a mental illness and substance use disorder. The results show that many of the respondents have mixed beliefs in what determines a client’s success in treatment. Many of the hypothesized demographic factors that were believed to effect social workers perspective, such as respondents years practicing, level of licensure, and geographic location of practice, were found to not have a significant statistical association between responses. The perception of the factors that contribute to success in treatment is notable, and has implications for future social work research.

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