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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Renee Hepperlen


Social Work


This research study explores the impact of acculturation among Hmong caregivers within the Twin Cities region, who the Hmong caregivers are today, and what caregiving in the Hmong community looks like today. A sample of four respondents were recruited in the Twin Cities region who are Hmong and are providing care for an older adult in the home. Two surveys were used to analyze the demographics and acculturation of the Hmong Caregivers. A qualitative survey explored how acculturation has impacted the respondents in terms of caregiving. The outcomes of the study indicated that majority of the caregivers were women who married into their husband’s family. It also indicated that economically, most were doing well, however could still use financial support and additional resources. More than half the respondents have acculturated successfully in the mainstream culture. However, even with this finding, it is important to note that within these respondents and their families, the preferred method of caregiving is to keep the care recipient in the home. A continuum of conflict and utilization of supports of resources varied among the respondents in terms of acculturation. Recommendations for future research include targeting families, couples, and older adults, and other communities to focus on concerns and the needs of the caregivers. Further research should be conducted on how to find and effectively reach out to support and meet their needs; and how to work cross-culturally with Hmong caregivers. Implications for social work practice efforts should include having an understanding of caregiving within the Hmong culture, providing support for Hmong caregiver living in dual cultures, and continuing to reach out to this population so that Hmong caregivers are aware of the benefits that come from receiving additional supports and resources.

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