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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Philip AuClaire


Social Work


This study explored the perspectives of social workers regarding collaboration among social workers within their workplace. The perspectives were examined through the conceptual frameworks of Ecological Systems Theory specifically how interactions within the work environment affect collaborative efforts among social workers. The online survey instrument was utilized to conduct the survey which contained 44 items that were designed to operationalize the concepts of interdependence, newly created professional activities, collective ownership of goals, flexibility and reflection on the process, Index of Interdisciplinary Collaboration developed by Laura Bronstein. Data generated from this survey were analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics from the 23 respondents who completed the survey. The results of this study show that social workers appear to be engaged in collaborative efforts with other social workers in their workplace and appear to have a positive perception of working among their colleagues in a collaborative way even when it may be outside of the person’s job description or result in a loss of some autonomy. The results of this study that the field of social work practices implement and expand further formal procedures within social service agencies to promote collaborative work among colleagues to better serve client needs.

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