Submissions from 2020


Music Album - Música Cañari: Indigenous Music from the Highlands of Ecuador, Allison Adrian

Submissions from 2018

Música Cañari: Haway, Mamadanza e Inti Raymi [Video file]., Allison Adrian

Música Cañari: Lalay Cañari y Pawkar Raymi [Video file]., Allison Adrian

Música Cañari: tres videos sobre identidad cultural en Cañar, Ecuador: Una introducción [Video file]., Allison Adrian

Submissions from 2016


Voicing Girlhood in Popular Music: Performance, Authority, Authenticity, Allison Adrian and Jacqueline Warwick

Submissions from 2013


An Exploration of Lutheran Music-Making among US Immigrant and Refugee Populations, Allison Adrian

Submissions from 2011


"Driving the Spirit" from Africa to Minnesota: Lutheran Music in the African Diaspora, Allison Adrian

Submissions from 2009


A Question of Purpose: Increasing Ethnic Representation in Lutheran Hymnals, Allison Adrian