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Student Experience of Setting Intention in Community and Mental Health Clinical

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Summer 7-11-2020

City of Publication or Presentation

Vail, Colorado

Conference Name

Nurse Educator Conference in the Rockies

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Vail, CO


2-hour skills building workshop on Student experience in setting intention in community and mental health nursing clinical. Nurse Educator Conference in the Rockies, Vail, CO. 7/11/2019


Background and Issues: Forming nurses who are resilient, holistic healers can be a challenge for nurse educators in content-laden curriculum and stressful learning environments.

Purpose: To explore and describe the experiences of student nurses with “setting an intention”in skills lab, classroom, and clinical learning environments.

Methods: Student surveys, and qualitative, collective case study approaches.

Results: Students report mutual benefits for themselves, their learning, and their patients when they practice setting an intention.

Conclusions: Setting an intention is an individualized process that cannot be directly taught, but students report positive benefits from learning about the concept early in their education. Nurse educators can present theoretical constructs of intentionality, provide examples of how others set an intention, and connect theory to practice by reminding students to practice setting an intention. By listening to the lived experiences of student nurses setting intention in clinical learning environments “setting an intention” can be described as 1) an individualized, goal-directed process which utilizes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical practices; 2) to filter out internal and external environmental distractions, providing direction, structure and focus; 3) allowing greater knowing of the self and of the other person, facilitating connectedness and mutually beneficial outcomes for the nurse and the client. “Setting an intention” is proposed as a simple instructional strategy with big benefits for nursing students and patients.“Setting an intention” is an instructional strategy suitable for multi-cultural students with diverse learning styles.

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