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Establishing the Value of Occupational Health Nurses’ Contributions to Worker Health and Safety A Pilot Test of a User-Friendly Estimation Tool

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January 2014

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Workplace Health and Safety


Occupational health nurses use their knowledge and skills to improve the health and safety of the working population; however, companies increasingly face budget constraints and may eliminate health and safety programs. Occupational health nurses must be prepared to document their services and outcomes, and use quantitative tools to demonstrate their value to employers. The aim of this project was to create and pilot test a quantitative tool for occupational health nurses to track their activities and potential cost savings for on-site occupational health nursing services. Tool development included a pilot test in which semi-structured interviews with occupational health and safety leaders were conducted to identify current issues and products used for estimating the value of occupational health nursing services. The outcome was the creation of a tool that estimates the economic value of occupational health nursing services. The feasibility and potential value of this tool is described.