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Evidence-Based Teaching Practice in Nursing Education: Faculty Perspectives and Practices

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July 2015

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Nursing Education Perspectives


PURPOSE: This national online study was conducted to describe nursing faculty perspectives and practices about evidence-based teaching practice (EBTP).BACKGROUND: Professional standards for nurse educator practice stress the importance of EBTP; however, the use of evidence by faculty in curriculum design, evaluation and educational measurement, and program development has not been reported.METHOD: Nurse administrators of accredited nursing programs in the United States (N = 1,586) were emailed information about the study, including the research consent form and anonymous survey link, and invited to forward information to nursing faculty.RESULTS: Respondents (551 faculty and nurse administrators) described the importance of EBTP in nursing education, used multiple sources of evidence in their faculty responsibilities, and identified factors that influence their ability to use EBTP.CONCLUSION: EBTP in nursing education requires sustained institutional, administrative, and collegial support to promote faculty effectiveness and student learning.