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December 2020

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AACN Faculty Forum

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Background/IntroductionNurse leaders must be prepared to lead processes to create meaningful change. AACN's attention to quality and safety as an individual essential/domain warrants focused attention within the curriculum. PurposeA review of a graduate level curriculum identified a notable gap in quality and safety. A quality and safety course with embedded personal quality improvement project was developed to teach these concepts. Processes/ProceduresThinking about how learning concepts of Q and S could be implemented in a shorter and more concentrated period of time without losing depth or meaningfulness led to the development of a project-based course. Content was front loaded in the first half of the15-week term and a 60 hour practicum occurred during the second half of the term. During the didactic portion of the course students developed their “Personal Quality Improvement Project(PQIP).” These formative assessments prepared students for implementation of their projects in the second half of the term during the practicum. Topics ranged from increasing activity levels, eating healthier, financial health to reduction of procrastination habits. Students used quality improvement tools to track, evaluate and then present their outcomes to their classmates in an online format at the end of the term. ResultsFormal feedback from students demonstrates that using the PQIP was a novel way to gain skills for implementing QI in practice and provided students an opportunity to engage in self improvement. Formal evaluation of student projects demonstrated student ability to use the QI process to make meaningful changes in their lives. LimitationsStudent willingness to engage in the learning cannot be minimized. Conclusions/Implications for PracticeNurse leaders who have the knowledge, skills and attributes through which to implement concepts of quality and safety into systems have the potential to make significant improvements in the health and well-being of our world.

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