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January 2020

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Nursing Science Quarterly.


This paper articulates how Watson’s Caritas ProcessesTM evolved to Caritas-Veritas Light on Virtues, facilitating unitary transformative experience. This shift builds harmonic coherence between major streams of consciousness that focus on: 1. The physical and conceptually concrete (objective/quantitative/ particulate/determinate); 2. The mental, emotional, meaningful/belief systems, (subjective/qualitative/interactive/integrative); and 3. The gestalt of spirit and the natural environment (virtual/quantum/unitary/transformative). The lived experience of harmonically braided streams of consciousness, meld human-environment/universe, potentiating health, healing, love and compassion. Unitary/transformative pandimensional awareness unfolds in the consciousness and everyday life, of the practicing nurse, facilitating a direct experience of sacred praxis.

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