Submissions from 2018

How the Clifton Strengths Assessment assists faculty in building consensus to achieve consistency in student evaluation., Vicki Schug and J. Tiffany

Incivility in nursing: Generational differences in nursing education., Katrice Ziefle

Submissions from 2017

Concept maps: A tool to prepare for high fidelity simulation in nursing, Sarah Beman, Barbara Daley, Sarah Morgan, Mandy Sheriff, and Linda Kennedy

Educating entry level nursing students through a lens of unitary caring science: A Rogerian perspective unfolded in the creation of a holistic/multicultural andragogy, Cynthia Dols Finn, Joyce Perkins, VaLinda Pearson, Beth Davis, Sarah Beman, and Beth Cunniff

Educating Entry Level Nursing Students Through the Lens of Unitary Caring Science: A Rogerian Perspective Unfolded in the Creation of a Holistic/multicultural Andragogy, Cynthia Dols Finn, Joyce Perkins, VaLinda Pearson, Elizabeth Davis, Sarah Beman, and Beth Cunniff

Process Review of an Innovative Interprofessional Inter-agency Evidence-Based Practice (EBP): Clinical Scholar Team, Dorothea Hansmeyer, Alvina Brueggemann, Cynthia Dols Finn, Brenda Frie, S. Monahan, Laurie Sieve, and Sue Sendelbach


Hazardous Terrain and Tranquil Waters: Leadership Development Insights for Nurse Managers, Rebecca McGill EDD, RN

Submissions from 2016

A qualitative study of nursing faculty experiences of spirituality in nursing education, Candice Bruhjell

Learning Outcomes in High Fidelity Simulation., Barbara Daley, Sarah Beman, Sarah Morgan, Linda Kennedy, and Mandy Sheriff

Concept Maps in Nursing Education: A Historical Literature Review and Research Directions, Barbara Daley, Sarah Morgan, and Sarah Beman


Occupational Exposure to Antineoplastic Agents: An Analysis of Health Care Workers and Their Environments, Catherine Graeve, Patricia McGovern, Alexander Bruce, Timothy Church, Andrew Ryan, and Martha Polovich

Development of a Multi-Cultural Holistic Baccalaureate Nursing Program Based on Unitary Caring Science, Lisa Martin and Margaret Dexheimer-Pharris

Submissions from 2015


Evidence-Based Teaching Practice in Nursing Education: Faculty Perspectives and Practices, Kathleen Kalb, Susan O'Conner-Von, Christina Brockway, Cynthia Rierson, and Susan Sendelbach

Submissions from 2014


Establishing the Value of Occupational Health Nurses’ Contributions to Worker Health and Safety A Pilot Test of a User-Friendly Estimation Tool, Catherine Graeve, Patricia McGovern, Nancy Nachreiner, and Lynn Ayers


Impact of healing touch with healing harp on inpatient acute care pain: a retrospective analysis., Valerie Lincoln, Emily Nowak, Barb Schommer, Tami Briggs, Amy Fehrer, and Gary Wax


Imposter Syndrome in Graduate Education, Emily Nowak and Matt Byrne

Submissions from 2011

Bridging the Gap: Mentoring as a Strategy to Prepare Graduate Nurse Educator Students for Academic Practice, Jill Campbell

Submissions from 2010


Forming interprofessional teams and clarifying roles, Patricia Finch Guthrie and Janet Benz

Submissions from 2008


Hallmarks of Excellence in Nursing Education: For Those who Care Enough to Teach the Very Best, Kathleen Kalb, Marie Buethe, Judith Harris, Susan Martinson, and Paula McDonald

Submissions from 2004


A patient lifting intervention for preventing the work-related injuries of nurses, Patricia Finch Guthrie, Linda Westphal, Bruce Dahlman, Mark Berg, Kathy Benham, and Deb Ferrelle