Submissions from 2018

Health and wellness, Julie Bass

Developing cultural awareness in occupational therapy education: A pilot study of student learning in two parallel rehabilitation cases, Julie Bass and B. Gilbertson

Beyond the individual: Occupational therapy's role in public health., Julie Bass, H. Williamson, L. Jaegers, and M. Whaley

Preparation of practitioners for early intervention practice: Interdisciplinary research results., Stephanie de Sam Lazaro

The role of occupational therapy in addressing core competencies in early childhood: Working with the team., Stephanie de Sam Lazaro and S. E. Fabrizi

From master’s to OT clinical doctorate: What are the major differences?, Stephanie de Sam Lazaro, T. Jones, and C. Graves

Intervention tiers and priorities: School and primary care., Stephanie de Sam Lazaro, B. Riley, and E. Ballenger

Improving professional and child outcomes through use of integrated pediatric primary care teams., Stephanie de Sam Lazaro, B. Riley, A. LeClaire, and E. Ballenger

The Fishbowl©: A peer teaching methodology to support better integration of theoretical knowledge., Stephanie de Sam Lazaro and B. R. Riley

Lessons learned in an evidence-based elder living center, John Fleming

What was old is new again: Your role as an OT in primary care., John Fleming

A behavior change model for lupus self-management, Brenda Frie

Honors program recruitment, admission and completion: A grounded theory, Brenda Frie

Innovating interprofessional honors courses, Brenda Frie

Something for us: Client perspectives on lupus self-management programming using the 5-A behavior change model., Brenda Frie

Allied health student voices regarding honors program recruitment, admission and completion: A grounded theory, Brenda Frie and J. Benz

Fall prevention in graduate health care curricula, Brenda Frie, A. Brueggeman, L. Dutton, and V. Pearson

Solutions for better sleep, Brenda Frie, S. Dusek, L. Bonsell, and A. Hynes

Maximizing client function and quality of life [Workshop series]., Kristine Haertl

Self care., Kristine Haertl

Strategic directions for the Fairweather model., Kristine Haertl

Therapeutic benefits of writing: Research and practice., Kristine Haertl

The development of a conceptual model of community participation that integrates experiences of young adults with intellectual and developmental disability., Kristine Haertl and M. Bathje

Cognitive performance test: Practical applications and evidenced based use., Kristine Haertl and T. Burns

Using interprofessional collaboration in occupational therapy mental health private practice., Kristine Haertl, K. Gray, M. T. Bowman, and L. Learnard

The perceived impact of "see me as a person" curriculum from the facilitator perspective., Kristine Haertl and A. Heinz

Could persons with cerebral palsy get a better night's sleep?, Jennifer Hutson, E. Fiske, and T. Rybar

The life balance inventory., Kathleen Matuska

Occupational patterns., Kathleen Matuska and K. Barrett

A participatory approach to support international learning about occupation and occupational therapy., Paula Rabaey, K. Barrett, E. Cohn, and S. Berger

Children with disabilities in Zambia [Moderated breakout session]., Paula Rabaey, M. Hearst, D. DeGracia, and R. Hepperlen

Educating future health professionals: Piloting an interprofessional education and cultural humility framework., Paula Rabaey, R. Hepperlen, F. Jimbo-Llapa, and M. Hearst

Kusamala+: Training of trainers (ToT) in Zambia to improve quality of life for children with disabilities and their families., Paula Rabaey, J. Miller, D. DeGracia, and R. Hepperlen

Mealtime insights: A photovoice project with African American mothers and their young children., Paula Rabaey and K. Winston

Licensure in MN., Karen Sames and C. Bourland

Lessons learned in an evidence-based elder living center - Academic partnership., Karen Sames and J. Fleming

2018 legislative update., Karen Sames and A. Horvath