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Reaching and Supporting Diverse Student Groups: Examining the Hidden Curriculum in Occupational Therapy Education

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Spring 5-7-2021


As occupational therapy education is becoming more mindful of disparities in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the classroom and clinical practice, adjustments in curricula need to be made to affect long term changes, especially considering the many connections to intersectionality and improved patient outcomes. This poster explores emerging best practices and important reflections when reviewing health curricula, with special attention paid to the “hidden curriculum” surrounding DEI within occupational therapy education programs. By critically and thoroughly reviewing intended, actual, hidden, and null curricula, a better understanding of program and didactic shortcomings can be compiled and assessed. After distinctive reviews of all aspects of a curricula are completed, an action plan can then be created to develop intentional learning experiences and foster inclusive learning environments in order to improve cultural awareness and support diverse student groups.

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