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Student Emotional Intelligence and Fieldwork Success: Current Evidence, Practical Implications, and Student Trends in Occupational Therapy Education

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June 2021


The correlation of emotional intelligence and success for OT and OTA students during Fieldwork II has been minimally explored, but has been shown to be positively associated. To begin to better understand this relationship, which includes cultural humility and adaptability, this preliminary literature review on current research is designed to lay a framework for further studies. The purpose of this presentation is to explore current literature on emotional intelligence and fieldwork success for students across all three degree levels. The presentation will analyze recent AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluations (FWPE) to understand themes related to successes and challenges during Fieldwork, focusing on components of emotional intelligence to begin to further understand the correlation. The presentation will provide practical application for OT education for faculty and fieldwork educators and academic fieldwork coordinators. It will also highlight areas of further research needed in this area as we begin to develop curriculum and learning activities to develop emotional and cultural intelligence that addresses the unique facets of OT education.

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