Date of Paper/Work


Type of Paper/Work

Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Occupational Therapy


Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Julie D. Bass


Doctor of Occupational Therapy


Monitoring and addressing student stress has become increasingly important, particularly in health profession academic programs, the doctoral project's objectives were to establish a baseline of occupational therapy student stress levels using readily available stress measures and embed mindfulness-based active learning within online coursework to assist students in addressing their stress during Level II fieldwork. Participants included 20 entry-level masters and 21 entry-level doctorate students enrolled in Samuel Merritt University’s occupational therapy program during summer and fall of 2018. The Stress Profile and Engagement in Meaningful Activities survey were used to establish a baseline; both measures showed that the participating students fell within the mean for appropriate stress levels and engagement in meaningful activities. The majority of students participated in five out of six learning modules and reported gaining benefits from the mindfulness modules. Students also reported using the modules multiple times throughout the week and provided descriptive examples of how they used the mindfulness modules.