Date of Paper/Work


Type of Paper/Work

Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Occupational Therapy


Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Julie Bass

Second Advisor

Kathleen Matuska


Doctor of Occupational Therapy


Functional cognition is a critical topic in occupational therapy practice. Functional cognition can be considered a client factor that impacts one’s occupations, performance skills, and patterns. As Giles (2017) stated: “Functional cognition is known as the interaction of cognitive skills and self-care, and community living skills” (p. 1). The purpose of this knowledge translation doctoral project was to educate occupational therapy practitioners and students on the importance of functional cognition assessments and interventions for older adults in skilled nursing settings.

Three knowledge translation projects were developed with an emphasis on functional cognition assessments and interventions for older adults in the skilled nursing setting. The first project was a presentation designed for members of the South Dakota Occupational Therapy Association. The second project was an educational module for entry-level doctoral occupational therapy graduate students. The final project was a manuscript proposed for an American Occupational Therapy Association magazine or newsletter. These projects summarized evidence and proposed recommendations regarding the important role of occupational therapy in addressing functional cognition necessary to support safety, performance, and level of assistance needed for completing activities of daily living.