Submissions from 2021


Why does biophysics attract a disproportionate number of women?

The Regener-Pfotzer Maximum During a Total Solar Eclipse, Gordon McIntosh, Alaina Swanson, Liam Taylor, Erick Agrimson, Kaye Smith, and Alynie Xiong

Thermal Wake Studies During the August 21st 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, Kaye Smith, Erick Agrimson, Brittany Craig, Alynie Xiong, Grace Maki, Peace Sinyigaya, Vina Onyango-Robshaw, Ana Taylor, Rachel Lang, Rachel DuBose, Gordon McIntosh, and James Flaten

Submissions from 2020

High Altitude Ballooning:Invegstigations of Cosmic Ray Showers, Erick Agrimson, Alisha M. Wiedmeier, Melissa Graham, Judy Panmany, and Claire Weinzierl


C-Terminal Tail Polyglycylation and Polyglutamylation Alter Microtubule Mechanical Properties, Taviare Hawkins


Flexibility in Physics, Taviare Hawkins

Balloon Borne Investigation Zenith Angle Dependence of Cosmic Ray Showers, Alynie Walter, Alisha Wiedmeier, Melissa Graham, Judy Panmany, Claire Weinzierl, James Flaten, Gordon McIntosh, and Erick Agrimson

Submissions from 2019


High Altitude Ballooning: Collaborative Undergraduate Research Experiences, Erick Agrimson


High Altitude Ballooning, Erick Agrimson, Gordon McIntosh, and James Flaten

Submissions from 2018

Studying the Regener-Pfotzer cosmic radiation maximum during a solar eclipse., Erick Agrimson, G. McIntosh, K. Smith, and J. Flaten

Stratospheric temperature changes observed during the 8/21/2018 total solar eclipse., Erick Agrimson, K. Smith, B. Craig, and A. Xiong


Microtubule seams are not mechanically weak defects, Taviare Hawkins

Submissions from 2017


Control of molecular shuttles by designing electrical and mechanical properties of microtubules, Taviare Hawkins

Submissions from 2013


Mechanical Properties of Doubly Stabilized Microtubule Filaments, Taviare Hawkins


Modern methods to interrogate microtubule dynamics, Taviare Hawkins

Submissions from 2012


Perturbations in Microtubule Mechanics from Tubulin Preparation, Taviare Hawkins

Submissions from 2010


Mechanics of microtubules, Taviare Hawkins