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Effects of a Remotely Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Program on the Self-Rated Functional Disability of Participants with Low Back Pain

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Pain Management Nursing





A remotely delivered cognitive behavioral coaching (CBC) program was offered as a service benefit for commercial health plan members with low back pain (LBP). This study describes changes in self-rated functional disability in a sample of plan members participating in the program (N=423).


Independent measures included demographics, length of program enrollment, total CBC sessions, and baseline self-reported patient activation and presenteeism levels. Participants rated their functional disability level due to LBP using the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI). Dependent outcomes quantified change in participant functional disability rating (final ODI score minus baseline ODI score). Nonparametric tests compare differences between groups and within-group ODI score change. Two generalized linear models test for associations between independent variables and the ODI change score.


A significant difference between baseline and final ODI scores was observed at the overall program level (p<.001) and within all independent variable categories of interest. Over 68% of total participants (n=289) reported improved functional ability from baseline to final (decrease in ODI score). Participants who completed more CBC sessions demonstrated significantly greater improvement in functional ability (p=.038) compared to those who completed fewer sessions. Participants aged 55 and older were significantly more likely to show deterioration in functional ability from baseline to final (p=.021).


Outcomes suggest that program participation can influence self-rated functional disability in the management of LBP.