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Cross Cultural Experiences as InterProfessional Education Opportunities: Lessons from MN!

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San Antonio, TX

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APTA Comined Sections Meeting


The recent call for excellence and innovation in physical therapy education identifies the current need for physical therapy to join with other disciplines in order to address health disparities. Specifically, the authors recommend education programs provide leadership development to create effective health care teams and integrate sociocultural factors across the curriculum. Interprofessional education opportunities and experiences to develop cultural fluency are important tools in physical therapy education that can respond to this call and promote individual and population health. Additionally, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education includes evidence of both IPE and developing cultural fluency in their required standards. How can such opportunities and experiences be maximized to meet both objectives and be more meaningful to students? Presenters will share their institution's experiences, which are in various stages of development and delivery. Some have been modified due to COVID-19. Assessment of the experiences and student outcomes will be covered in detail.