Submissions from 2020

Evaluating Interventions to Reduce Lead Poisoning among Vulnerable Population: Systematic Review, Erin Cutts, Katelyn Mann, Alyssa Peterson, Erica Urbina, and Angela Ekwonye

The Health Effects of Fetal Mercury Exposure: A Systematic Review, Addison Mommsen, Georgie Kinsman, De Paw, Raw Raen, and Angela Ekwonye

Submissions from 2019

Facilitators and Barriers of Cervical Cancer Screening and Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination Among Somali Refugee Women in the United States: A Qualitative Analysis, Elizabeth M. Allen, Hee Yun Lee, Rebekah Pratt, Huoa Vang, Jay R. Desai, Amano Dube, and Elizabeth Lightfoot

Personal and Interpersonal Level Predictors of Academic Resiliency, Academic Self-efficacy, Academic Integration, and Institutional Commitment of Female College Students, Angela Ekwonye

Exploring Individual and Interpersonal Level Factors Associated with Academic Success of College Students at a Women’s, Faith-based Higher Institution, Angela Ekwonye and Verna DeLauer

Development and Validation of the Spiritual Impact Rating Scale for Women (SIRSW): A Tool for Assessing College Women's Spirituality, Angela Ekwonye, Verna DeLauer, and Terrence Cahill

The Impact of Negative Life Events (NLEs) on Spirituality: a Qualitative Study on the Perspectives of Nigerian Catholic Women Religious in the United States, Angela Ekwonye and Ngozi Nwosisi

Exploring Quality in Post-Rape Care Service Provision, Leso Munala

Exploring the Social Context and Drivers of Age Disparate Transactional Sex Relationships in Mutomo and Ikutha Districts of Kitui South Sub County, Leso Munala

Submit to Survive: An exploration of sexual cleansing as an act of violence against widows in the Luo of Kenya, Leso Munala, Margaret Harris, and Esther Mwangi

Your loss is my gain: Consequences of the cultural practice of sexual cleansing among widows in the Luo community of Kenya, Leso Munala, Esther Mwangi, and Margaret Harris

[L]ook at their bodies…, their bodies speak volumes about themselves”: Sexual violence against school-aged girls and community perceptions of consent, Leso Munala, Emily Weile, Hamdi Ali, and Esther Mwangi

'Exploring the Effects International Monetary Fund Lending Policies on Kenya's National Sexual Violence Prevention and Care Response', Leso Munala, Emily Weile, Emily Hohenshell, and Nene Okunna

Interventions to Reduce Intimate Partner Violence among Asian Women: A Systematic Review, Pa Ia Xiong and Angela Ekwonye

Submissions from 2018

Rural-urban differences in access to preventative healthcare among publicly-insured Minnesotans., Elizabeth Allen, J. O. Loftus, K. T. Call, and S. Everson-Rose

Providing child spacing education in the Somali immigrant community: Benefits, challenges, and programmatic recommendations., Carie Cox, F. Ahmed, A. Mitchell, and A. Ganey

Drawing insights from the field of family planning to improve the measurement of the quality of infertility care in low- and middle-income countries., Carie Cox and H. Ali

Acceptability of contraceptive self-injection with DMPA-SC among adolescents in Gulu District, Uganda., Carie Cox, J. K. Cover, J. Lim, and A. Namagembe

Ugandan providers’ views on the acceptability of contraceptive self-injection for adolescents: A qualitative study., Carie Cox, J. K. Cover, A. Namagembe, and J. Tumusiime

The Development and validation of the spiritual impact rating scale for women (SIRSW)., Angela Ekwonye

The spiritual impact rating scale for women (SIRSW): Validation and testing of an instrument to assess the influence of spirituality on the lives of female college students., Angela Ekwonye and A. Brueggemann

Effect of a spiritual retreat on perceived stress of Nigerian Catholic immigrant sisters in the United States., Angela Ekwonye, V. DeLauer, and T. Cahill

Effect of a spiritual retreat on perceived stress of Nigerian Catholic immigrant sisters in the United States., Angela Ekwonye, V. DeLauer, and T. Cahill

Effect of a spiritual retreat on perceived stress of Nigerian Catholic immigrant sisters in the United States., Angela Ekwonye, V. DeLauer, and T. Cahill

An inter-professional project addressing children with disabilities in Zambia., Mary Hearst

Children with disabilities in Zambia., Mary Hearst, D. DeGracia, R. Hepperlen, and J. Biggs

Family, community and environmental assessment in Zambia using RedCap mobile app., Mary Hearst, M. Ghebre, M. Lohese, and M. Mwansa

Educating future health professionals: Piloting an interprofessional education and cultural humility framework., Mary Hearst, R. Hepperlen, F. Jimbo-Llapa, and K. Mielke

Early childhood Montessori as obesity intervention in diverse community schools: Exploratory analysis., Mary Hearst, F. Jimbo-Llapa, and A. Shilongo

Kusamala+: Training in trainers (TOT) in Zambia to improve quality of life for children with disabilities and their families., Mary Hearst, J. Miller, D. DeGracia, and R. Hepperlen

Altering the school breakfast environment reduces barriers to school breakfast participation among diverse rural youth., Mary Hearst, A. Shanafelt, Q. Wang, and R. Leduc

Family and community member stigma towards children with disabilities., Mary Hearst, A. Wilson, F. Noor, and M. Ghebre

Attitudes and behaviors toward free-roaming dogs in marginalized urban communities in the Los Rios Region, Chile., Meghan Mason and R. Bayliss

Behaviors and exposures associated with pathogen carriage at a large community gathering., Meghan Mason, R. Bayliss, B. Morawski, and J. Johnson

Professional development and improved patient outcomes through interprofessional clinical scholar teams., Meghan Mason, J. Luhman, J. Omodt, and G. Kline

Tools to make your interprofessional teams successful., Meghan Mason, J. Omodt, G. Kline, and K. Campbell

Diverse students perceptions of careers in gerontology., Leso Munala and A. Brueggemann

If you report dad, how are we going to survive?, Leso Munala, E. Welle, and E. Hohenshell

'She is not a genuine client’: Exploring health practitioner’s mistrust of rape survivors in Kenya., Leso Munala, E. Welle, E. Hohenshell, and N. Okunna