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Exploring the Social Context and Drivers of Age Disparate Transactional Sex Relationships in Mutomo and Ikutha Districts of Kitui South Sub County

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May 2019


Sexual violence and transactional sex relationships are prevalent throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including with Kenyan women and Transactional sex is considered a sexual risk behavior . Research in the areas of sexual violence and transactional sex, respectively, across sub-Saharan Africa is extensive, but the relationship between these two behaviors is relatively unexplored. The lack of understanding of the intersection of these two issues has negative implications for the effectiveness of sexual violence prevention and stay-in-school programming and ultimately for girls’ health outcomes. The purpose of this study is to explore the social context and drivers for age-disparate transactional sex relationships in Mutomo and Ikutha Wards of Kitui South Sub County in Mutomo and Ikutha wards of Kitui South, Kenya. The study will undertake an exploration of the social context and drivers of age- disparate transactional sex relationships among school aged girls (12-18) these Wards. Study attention will also extend to include males as potential perpetrators of sexual violence against girls, with a focus on boda boda drivers and male teachers. This research will explore the phenomenon of sexual violence, transactional sex and their possible link, as well as how they influence outcomes of adolescent girls such as pregnancy and school drop-out rates.

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