On November 16, 2010 the House of Representatives declared the week of April 11 as "National Undergraduate Research Week”. In this spirit, Saint Catherine University is hosting two events in order to exhibit scholarly work done by our students.

An annual tradition, Science @ St. Kate’s Day, will be held this year on April 19th from 11:30-1:15 PM in the Coeur de Catherine. Traditionally the most common registrants for this event encompass projects in biology, chemistry, math, physics, STEM, sonography, or family, consumer, and nutritional sciences. St. Catherine University has added an additional event called Scholarship @ St. Kate’s Day to celebrate scholarship and collaborative research in other disciplines. This event will be held on April 17th from 11:30-1:15 in the Coeur de Catherine. Regardless of what discipline your work is from register for the event you believe best fits the character of your project.

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Science @ St. Kate's Day April 19, 2012
St. Kate's Scholarship Symposium April 17, 2012