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Senior Honors Project

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The Many Birds of Passage: A Cultural Study of Then and Now, is a docu-drama based upon the Norwegian experience of immigration and the Mexican experience of immigration. It focuses on the current system of immigration and the way in which our policies are formed by presenting different voices of immigrants, including a self monologue as well. They are powerful stories representing a few immigrants’ experiences from different points of the process of migration. It begins with the decision process and goes from the journey to arrival and the ultimate experience of staying or returning home or beginning a new journey. It uses the power of stories and myths in attempt to create transformative power to create a greater environment of understanding by connecting people to their humanity while looking at this complex current issue of immigration reform in theUnited States. It is meant to inspire people to ground themselves to their own ancestral history and also consider their own immigration background. Human beings are often migratory by nature and in fact we often can find in ourselves, someone in our family, or in our past, the triumphs and trials faced throughout the migratory process.