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Senior Honors Project

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The purpose of this project is to compare the frequency and degree of attrition or dental wear, abscessing and antemortem tooth loss in both the Mimbres and the Fort Ancient Period populations. Since both populations have similar agriculturalist dietary practices and they lived around the same time period, examination of these dental pathologies can show the overall health of the populations and give us a better understanding of how they lived. Data was directly collected from the Mimbres sample by observing the dental arcade for the three dental pathologies. This is then compared to the previous research done on the Fort Ancient period population. The sample of 31 Mimbres individuals and 296 individuals of the Fort Ancient Period population both show a mostly similar rate of attrition and antemortem tooth loss. However, abscessing rates between the two populations are vastly different. This suggests that the two populations could have been using their teeth differently and further analysis needs to be done to determine why.


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