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Senior Honors Project

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The purpose of this project was to evaluate whether Best Buy should enter Indian mobile market or not. India’s mobile market presents a variety of opportunities due to the economic growth, growing demand for mobile phones, urbanization, and growing income per capita. This research had taken into account prior historic and strategic perspectives of Best Buy, and then analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of entrance through the framework of Michael Porter. The methodology for the research consisted from databases, online sources and interviews at Best Buy. The research found out that the threat of substitute products and competition is too high in India’s mobile retail market. Also, the buyer and supplier power is moderate, which is neither good nor bad for Best Buy’s perspectives in a foreign country. The threat of the new entrants reduces foreign competition. However, being a new entrant, Best Buy will face identical challenges upon entering India. The analysis had concluded that under current circumstances entering India’s mobile market would not be a good option for Best Buy. At the end, the research had examined various models of operations in India if the external circumstances change.