The influence of acculturation on Hmong clothing and the Identity of Young Hmong Americans

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Senior Honors Project

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Hmong Americans have consistently been exposed to their Traditional Hmong clothing and are aware of its significant ties with their cultural identity. However, not many Hmong Americans spend enough time learning about their cultural textile art and the fashion components that have changed and evolved in the years before and after the Secret War up until now. The dominant Western culture has overpowered and assimilated Hmong generations resulting in a prolonged loss of their knowledge regarding the art and craft of traditional Hmong clothing. This project aims to educate the public about the textile art of Traditional Hmong clothing and remind Hmong future generations about their cultural heritage, identity, and values. Hmong traditional dress and Hmong Textile Art act as a shared visual cue for social recognition and identification, including gender construction. Many pieces of literature and digital resources describe the components of Hmong textile arts and the traditional clothing’s assimilation towards Western values and customs. In support of the changes in traditional Hmong styles, the project showcases St. Catherine University’s current students and alumni fashion designers who crafted hybrid collections of Hmong traditional textile art in western silhouettes. As long as Hmong textile arts continue to persist, the cultural significance of their traditional clothing will be remembered.


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This project has been embargoed until May 2023 at the request of the author.

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