Katies in Recovery: Recovery on Campus & Peer Support Awareness Project

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Senior Honors Project

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After learning that binge drinking is the number one public health hazard in college age students, I have identified several opportunities at St. Kate's that would allow our community to meet our mission and values and put them into practice in an area that can reduce stigma, provide hope, and support students in the health and wellness area of substance use disorder. As a result, I have devoted my project to researching past initiatives, identifying policies and securing faculty support with the intention of creating a structure and support system that will help reduce stigma and provide a culture of support. This honors project will initiate the foundational work to create a space and group on campus for those curious about recovery and those in recovery looking for fellowship and will provide an overall assessment of the opportunities for how St. Catherine University can successfully support our students in recovery.


Honors Program


This project has been embargoed until May 2023 at the request of the author, and so only the abstract has been made available here.

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