Project Title

Incorporating the Institutional Repository into the Research Cycle at St. Catherine University



Project Description

The goal of his project was to survey and education faculty and undergraduate students on the use of institutional repositories, open access, and publishing as part of the research.




Emily Asch

Emily was happy to be able to involve a student in her research about instiutitonal repositories. It provided an opportunity for her to share her enthusiasm for libraries as well as have a colleague to pursue her research.

The work began with Christy preparing a review of institutional repository literature. One of the best moments for Emily was watching Christy discover a gap in the literature that she felt they should pursue about the student experience with institutional repositories and how they use them.

Christy's discovering changed the course of their research and together Emily and Christy pursued this new line of research almost from the beginning.

They both travelled the course of research and all the processes involved including creating a survey, getting IRB approval, trying to get participants for your research. The non-successes were a success in the way that they teach you many lessons about research and what needs to change for the next time.

It was a wonderful experience to work through the process and mentor a junior colleague discover a new area of research.

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