St. Catherine Experience Video



Project Description

Three students and professor Joshua Haringa created videos for the St. Catherine Experience, a joint project of the Office of Marketing and Communications, Enrollment Services, and the Communications Studies department. These videos are presented at the St. Kate's website and intended for current and prospective students to experience St. Kate's.




Meghan Kotz '14

Meghan Kotz ’14 worked with two other students and professor Joshua Haringa. They worked on capturing video for the St. Catherine Experience, a project of the Office of Marketing and Communications, to present students’ stories to other current and prospective students. The Office of Marketing and Communications and the research team met to come up with goals and ideas for videos to be published on the St. Kate’s website. The videos will help learn about other Katies’ experiences on campus and also see what kind of opportunities are out there.

Joshua approached Meghan and the other two students about helping to make this project materialize. Meghan was interested in the collaborative opportunity through Summer Scholars for a few reasons, one of which was because the project sounded interesting and a way for her to gain desired experience with cameras and sound and editing software. As a Studio Arts major with a focus on photography she wanted to broaden her experience. This was more than a typical research project to her; it was about capturing stories within the St. Kate’s community.

Meghan found days without scheduled shoots to be one of the highlights of the summer. The group roamed around campus and approached students randomly and asked them about their experiences at St. Kate’s. Some of the most interesting stories and ideas for new videos came from these encounters.

For Meghan this was a very rewarding experience. Working as a collaborator with a faculty member as gave the students an opportunity to take the lead but also have the continued support of their more experienced mentor. Meghan also discovered many different opportunities on campus that she was previously unaware of. Learned time management skills along with filming and editing skills and helps Meghan feel better prepared for graduate school.

Successes as a result of Summer Scholars for Meghan include four videos published to the St. Kate’s website in the spring of 2013. She and Joshua Haringa are also pursuing more videos through another collaborative mentorship program at St. Catherine University. And most exciting is the acceptance of a film for the ACTC film festival!


  • Four St. Catherine Experience videos published to the St. Catherine University website
  • Continued recording with Joshua Haringa through Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP)
  • Acceptance of a film for the ACTC film festival

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