Submissions from 2019


MniWiconi with Images 2019.pdf, Colleen Carpenter

The Medieval Hebrew (H5) of Tobit: Use of Scripture and Influence of Rabbinic and Medieval Jewish Traditions, Vincent Skemp

Submissions from 2018

Parenting as spiritual practice., Claire Bischoff

Spiritual crisis of contingent faculty., Claire Bischoff

Women's caucus publishing panel: New visions of response-ability: Assessing opportunities and risks., Claire Bischoff


Atoning for Anselm: A Review of Elizabeth Johnson's Creation and the Cross, Colleen Carpenter

Confronting the legacy of lynching: The National Memorial to Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama., Colleen Carpenter

Innovating interprofessional honors courses., Colleen Carpenter

Commentary on Amos 7:7-15 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Commentary on Jeremiah 23:1-6 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Commentary on Job 38:1-11 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Commentary on Song of Solomon 2:8-13 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Imagining the earth: The Psalms and Augustine., Elaine James

[Review of the book Allusive soundplay in the Hebrew Bible, by J.C. Kline]., Elaine James

[Review of the book The book of Genesis, by J. A. Schroeder]., Elaine James

Silence is praise: Art and knowledge in Psalm 65., Elaine James

The exotic garden in the Song of Songs., Elaine James

The Psalms at the anthropocene, Elaine James

Voicing violence: Women, solidarity, and estrangement in Biblical poetry., Elaine James

Writing with the language of the past [Book review of Daniel evokes Isaiah: Allusive characterization of foreign rule in the Hebrew-Aramaic book of Daniel, by G. B. Lester and Covenant continuity and fidelity: A study of inner-Biblical allusion and exegesis in Malachi, by J. Gibson]., Elaine James

Biblical poetry and the art of close reading., Elaine James and J. B. Couey

Can religion help heal a world broken by trauma? Etty Hillesum as our ancestor in the qaahal goyim., William McDonough

[Translator of] Seasons of grace: A spiritual companion to the liturgical year by W. Kasper., William McDonough

Submissions from 2017


Art that Silences and Art that Speaks: Approaches to Memorializing Feminicide in Ciudad Juarez, Colleen Carpenter


CTSAKatrina 2017.docx, Colleen Carpenter

Submissions from 2016


At Home in the Wilderness 2016.pdf, Colleen Carpenter


Enfolding Violence, Unfolding Hope: Emerging Clouds of Possibility for Women in Roman Catholicism, Colleen Carpenter


PinkCrossesAAR 2016.docx, Colleen Carpenter


The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep: Cultivating a Forest Spirituality in a Clearcut World, Colleen Carpenter

Submissions from 2015


EndureAllThingsAAR 2015.docx, Colleen Carpenter

Submissions from 2009


"Red is the Colour of the Morning: Resurrection in the Writings of Terry Tempest Williams", Colleen Carpenter