Submissions from 2018

Parenting as spiritual practice., Claire Bischoff

Spiritual crisis of contingent faculty., Claire Bischoff

Women's caucus publishing panel: New visions of response-ability: Assessing opportunities and risks., Claire Bischoff

Confronting the legacy of lynching: The National Memorial to Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama., Colleen Carpenter

Innovating interprofessional honors courses., Colleen Carpenter

Commentary on Amos 7:7-15 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Commentary on Jeremiah 23:1-6 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Commentary on Job 38:1-11 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Commentary on Song of Solomon 2:8-13 [Lectionary commentary]., Elaine James

Imagining the earth: The Psalms and Augustine., Elaine James

[Review of the book Allusive soundplay in the Hebrew Bible, by J.C. Kline]., Elaine James

[Review of the book The book of Genesis, by J. A. Schroeder]., Elaine James

Silence is praise: Art and knowledge in Psalm 65., Elaine James

The exotic garden in the Song of Songs., Elaine James

The Psalms at the anthropocene, Elaine James

Voicing violence: Women, solidarity, and estrangement in Biblical poetry., Elaine James

Writing with the language of the past [Book review of Daniel evokes Isaiah: Allusive characterization of foreign rule in the Hebrew-Aramaic book of Daniel, by G. B. Lester and Covenant continuity and fidelity: A study of inner-Biblical allusion and exegesis in Malachi, by J. Gibson]., Elaine James

Biblical poetry and the art of close reading., Elaine James and J. B. Couey

Can religion help heal a world broken by trauma? Etty Hillesum as our ancestor in the qaahal goyim., William McDonough

[Translator of] Seasons of grace: A spiritual companion to the liturgical year by W. Kasper., William McDonough