Title of project

Advancements in Transducers

Faculty Advisor

Erick Agrimson, Susan Nelson-Hummel, Tammi Wiesner



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Advancements in Transducers

Two new types of FDA approved transducers have recently been introduced to the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Community. These transducers can enhance and introduce new protocols in areas such as trauma, vascular access, point-of-care, guided procedures and surgical procedures. The wireless transducer system from Siemens, offers relief from cord entanglement and provides ease of ultrasound use within sterile field environments. The Sonic Eye fingertip transducer’s unique design eliminates the pinch and grip of traditional transducers, along with offering an intuitive approach to transducer placement. Both transducers will show improvement in the work-related musculoskeletal disorders reported by over 90% of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.