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This newsletter’s focus is on Sandra Kraskin’s paper adapted from her slide presentation, The American Abstract Artists: Women’s Contributions to the Avant-Garde of the 1930s and ’40s. Kraskin provides background information on the AAA (American Abstract Artists), their work, and the reception and reflection of this art form. We learn about the ARC Exchange between WARM and ARC Gallery in Chicago artists. The reader learns about the Visiting Artist Program, WARM shows/exhibitions/speakers, Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, Women’s Art Weekend, and MCAD courses taught by gallery members. More information is given about the slide registry along with a review of a presentation given by Chris T. Martens. WARM hosted a National Photography Invitational; we get details and learn more about women in photography. WARM recommends sending proposals in for the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program and concludes with a membership form and a continuation from the front cover calendar of events.



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