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This journal issue includes art, poetry, art reviews, exhibition listings, the WARM calendar and articles with a focus on displaying art by WARM members. The articles are on a variety of art related topics, including the impact of federal funding on art, criticism and developments in organizing in art.

Keywords: Works Progress Administration, Federal Art Project, Feminist criticism, criticism, national endowment for the arts, anti-patriarchy, abstract art

Creators included: Greta Berman, Pat Aufderheide, Nancy Paddock, Nancy Robinson, Meridel Le Seuer, Joyce Lyon, Sally Brown, Susan Mundale, Elizabeth Erickson, Patricia Olson, Diane Hellekson, Mary Anne Schutte, Sylvia Paine, Gail W. Bamber, John F. Steffi, Helen Smith, Jean Murakami, Maria Mazzara, Marty Nash, Judith Roode, Sandra Menefee Taylor, Hazel Belvo, Mari Lyn Ampe, Harriet Bart, Beth Bergman, Sally Krug, Cherie Doyle, Lynn Ball, Georgiana Kettler, Gemma Rossini, Marilynn R. Anderson, Sandra Taylor, Judy Stone Nunneley, Dorothy Odland, Jackie Kielkopf, Jantje Visscher, Susan McDonald, Joan Tangen Carlson, Alice Towle, Jane Bassuk, Beth Brenner, Sandra Kraskin, Mary Walker, Carole Fisher, Quimetta Perle, Susan Pleissner

  • Cover

  • Committee notes, policy, announcements and table of contents

  • A letter

  • “New York WPA Artists, Then And Now” by Greta Berman

  • Two page spread of artwork by Judith Roode

  • “The Inside·Story: Small Sighs of Relief at the Endowments” by Pat Aufderheide

  • Response to “The Inside·Story: Small Sighs of Relief at the Endowments” by Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard

  • Poetry by Nancy Paddock

  • Two page spread “At the Beach” by Nancy Robinson

  • “A Letter from Meridel Le Sueur”

  • Feminist Perspectives

    • “An Evening with Nor Hall and Sandra Taylor April 9, 1981”

    • “Feminist Criticism: What Would It Be?” By Joyce Lyon

  • Reviews

    • “Sally Brown's Rooms at WARM” by Susan McDonald

    • “Sally Krug, Julia Barkley, Itoda Reiko” by Susan Mundale

    • “Minnesota Women '81: A Juried Exhibition at WARM” by Susan McDonald

  • Patchwork by Elizabeth Erickson and Patricia Olson

  • Reviews continued

    • “Nancy Graves: A Survey 1969-1980 Walker Art Center” by Diane Hellekson

    • “Jordan, Kiland, Mason, and Perle at the Glen Hanson Gallery” by Mary Anne Schutte

    • “Front Range” by Sylvia Paine

    • “Drawings by Marcia Milner” by Gail Bamber

    • “Gloria Defilipps-Brush Time Sheets Tweed Museum” by John F. Steffi

    • “Lake Superior Fifth Biennial National Craft Exhibition Tweed Museum” by Helen Smith

  • Warm Exhibitions

    • Patricia Olson

    • Jean Murakami

    • Maria Mazzara, Marty Nash, Nancy Robinson

    • Judith Roode

    • Sandra Menefee Taylor

  • Members’ Recent Work

  • Advertisements

  • Calendar



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