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This journal does not have a particular focus. The cover and interior border arts have a theme of “Fantasies”, but overall is a standard mix of articles, fiction, art and poetry. The articles explore subjects of criticism, from both the artist and critic perspective and the feeling of writing for the theater.

Keywords: Theatre, photographs, art reviews, criticism, fantasies

Creators included: Florence Dacey, Monica Ochtrup, Norita Larson, Susan McDonald, Alice Towle, Joyce Lyon, Cherie Doyle, Margot Kriel, Mary Anne Schutte, Gail W. Bamber, Gayle Cole, Helen Smith, Sandra Kraskin

  • Cover by Mari Lyn Ampe

  • Journal policy, committee, announcements and table of contents

  • “For To Play Is To Risk” by Florence Dacey

  • “Fahlband” by Monica Ochtrup

  • “An Interview with Cherie Doyle” by Norita Larson

  • Feminist Perspectives

    • “Germaine Greer at the Y” by Alice Towle

    • “Some Thoughts on Germaine’s Talk” by Alice Towle

    • “Critics and Artists Talk About Art” by Joyce Lyon

  • Reviews

    • “Paired Pieces” by Cherie Doyle

    • “WARM’s Fifth Anniversary Show” by Margot Kriel

    • “Robinson, Mazzara, Nash” by Mary Anne Schutte

    • “Five Painters” at MAEP” by Susan McDonald

    • “Mary Walker's Constructions and Drawings” by Gail Bamber

    • “Gail W. Bamber's ‘Signs of the Times’” by Gayle Cole

    • “Marjorie Masel Shows Photographs” by Gail Bamber

    • “Hazel Belvo At Tweed Museum” by Helen Smith

    • “Krasner/Pollock: A Working Relationship” By Sandra Kraskin

  • Poetry by students in the COMPAS Minnesota Writers In the Schools Program

  • Announcements

  • Warm Exhibitions

    • Ampé, Doyle

    • Carlson, Lyon, Slavick

    • McDonald, Kraskin

  • Calendar

  • WARM Membership form



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