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This article has a theme of “Unlearning”, or the process of re-examining what one knows for purposes of self-examination. This includes a reading guide for the book because the journal is read right to left, instead of left to right, which ties in to the concept of unlearning. The articles discuss the concept of unlearning, from the perspective of unlearning art lessons, unlearning societal perspectives and unlearning history. The journal also includes art, poetry and reviews.

Tags: unlearning, wonder woman awards, art education, learning, teaching

Creators included: Sara Evans, Alice Towle, Elizabeth Erickson, Carol Bly, Sandra Braman, Ellen C. Oppler, Patricia Olson, Mary Bremer, Susan McDonald, Phebe Hanson, Susan Mondale,Sylvia Paine, Mary Schulte, Cherie Doyle, Gall W. Bamber, Jila Nikpay, Florence Dacey, Helen Smith, Quimetta Perle, Jackie Kielkopf, Katherine Ross, Jackie Kielkopf, Judy Stone Nunneley

  • Cover: Instructions on reading the journal

  • Journal policy, committee, announcements and table of contents

  • “Some Historical Thoughts on ‘Unlearning’” by Sarah Evans

  • “A Conversation about Unlearning” By Nor Hall, Sally Brown, Harriet Bart, Monica Ochtrup and Alice Towle

  • Feminist Perspectives

    • “The Naked And The Nude” by Alice Towle

    • “Approaches to Feminist Art Education” by Alice Towle

    • “Poetry Reading” by Monica Ochtrup

  • Patchwork by Elizabeth Erickson and Patricia Olson

  • A Memoir: Unlearning the Point of Art Lessons by Carol Bly

  • “Wonder Woman Awards” by Mary Bremer

  • Poetry by Sandra Braman

  • Paula Modersohn-Becker

    • Book review reprinted from The Women's Art Journal, Vol. 2, No. 2, Fall 1981/Winter 1982.

  • A Ritual Honoring Freedom Of Choice

  • Reviews

    • “Murakami, Olson and Johnson” by Susan McDonald

    • “Taylor & Roode: Body/House House/Body Metaphor” by Phebe Hanson

    • “Doyle and Ampe” by Susan Mondale

    • “Lyon, Tangen, Slavick” by Sylvia Paine

    • “Phyllis Ames Wiener: A Retrospective Exhibition” by Mary Schulte

    • “Harriet Bart at Peter M. David” by Cherie Doyle

    • “Fisher and Rose at Minneapolis Institute of Art” by Gail W. Bamber

    • “Midwest Photography” by Jila Nikpay

    • “Rural Women's Juried Painting Exhibition” by Florence Dacey

    • “Five Minneapolis Artists at Tweed Museum” by Helen Smith

    • “Gayle Cole at Benedicta Art Center” by Gail W. Bamber

  • Warm Exhibitions

    • Quimetta Perle

    • Invitational Space: Katherine Ross / Sculpture

    • Jackie Kielkopf

    • Judy Stone Nunnely

  • Sponsored art exhibition advertisement and sign up

  • Calendar

  • WARM Sign up



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