Submissions from 2019


Autumn Willow.jpg, Carol Chase


Lake Hiawatha I.jpg, Carol Chase


Spring Willow, Carol Chase


Summer Willow, Carol Chase


Winter Willow, Carol Chase


A_Theme_Is_Not_An_Exhibition.gif, Todd Deutsch


Accumulation: New work by Monica Rudquist and Judy Onofrio, Monica Rudquist

Submissions from 2018

Beyond survival: Public support of the arts and humanities: Shaping the Change., Amy Hamlin

Blindness and vision: Max Beckmann's blid man's buff as an allegory of history., Amy Hamlin

Kara Walker’s Mourning Play., Amy Hamlin

CAA conversations: Art history that [Audio podcast episode]., Amy Hamlin and Karen Leader

Reproducing alterity: Photography, illustration, and the maintenance of Ainu stereotypes in Meiki and Taisho Japan., Christina Spiker

The Shôjo and the indigenous body: Representations of Ainu women in Japan's samurai spirits, 1993-2008., Christina Spiker

Vaguely oriental: Engineering Asian architecture in fantasy MMORPGs., Christina Spiker

Western women and the poetry of Japanese crepe-paper books (西洋女性とちりめん本の詩について)., Christina Spiker

Beyond survival: Public support of the arts and humanities: Generation wipeout., Christina Spiker and K. Galvin

Submissions from 2017

Approaching Intellectual Emancipation: Critical Reading in Art, Art History, and Wikipedia, Amy Hamlin

Kara Walker's Mourning Play, Amy Hamlin

The Aesthetics of Transcendence: William H. Johnson's Jesus and the Three Marys, Amy Hamlin

From Collaboration to Community: Art History That, Amy Hamlin and Karen Leader

Submissions from 2016

An (in)ability to Mourn: Kara Walker's Allegory of History, Amy Hamlin

Submissions from 2014

Figuring Redemption: Christianity and Modernity in Max Beckmann's Resurrections, Amy Hamlin

Art History That! A Manifesto for the Future of a Discipline, Amy Hamlin and Karen Leader

Submissions from 2012


'A Heuristic Event': Reconsidering the Problem of the Johnsian Conversation, Amy Hamlin


The Conditions of Interpretation: A Reception History of the Synagogue by Max Beckmann, Amy Hamlin

Submissions from 2011


Regarding the Catherine Portrait: An Interview with Patricia Olson, Amy Hamlin