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Investigation of assessment tools in the area of pediatric feeding evaluation.

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April 2021


With the movement to classify the range of feeding problems in the pediatric population into a unifying term“Pediatric Feeding Disorder” (PFD), there is a need for standard guidelines to choose the most appropriateassessment tool(s) that aligns with the four domains of PFD including: medical, nutritional, feeding skills,and psychosocial factors (Goday, 2019). A recent systematic review on the psychometric characteristics of10 non-instrumental pediatric feeding and swallowing assessments found missing, incomplete or conflictingpsychometric data for all reviewed (Speyer et al., 2018). Assessment and treatment of PFD is critical in alldomains to ensure interdisciplinary collaboration and positive outcomes for both child and family.This study seeks to address two specific research questions: (1) To what extent do current assessments by feeding clinicians address the four domains of PFDs (medical, nutritional, feeding skills, and psychosocialfactors)? and (2) What are feeding clinicians’ perceptions of current assessment tools used in the evaluation ofPFDs?Learning ObjectivesBy the end of this session, attendees will be able to:1. Summarize the assessment tools currently being utilized by occupational therapists and speechlanguage pathologists in the United States for pediatric feeding disorders.2. Associate the current assessment tools they use in practice to the pediatric feeding domains and willbe able to then analyze the effectiveness of the tools they use in covering all of the domains of PFDs.

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