Submissions from 2012

Physical Therapists’ Role in Health Promotion as Perceived by the Patient, MarySue Ingman

The Physics of Music Course Development, Jolene Johnson Armstrong

Phase 2 of Research Project: Evaluation of a Domestic Violence Curriculum among Hispanic Women, Catherine Marrs Fuchsel

The effect of human presence on social interactions between dogs, Cynthia Norton PhD and Lindsey Englar

Exploring How Wild Dolphins Might Ease Anxiety & Help Students Learn Math & Engineering, Jenny Pavlovic

Scientific Literacy in Psychology, Jamie Peterson Ph.D. and Arturo Sesma Jr. PhD.

Women and International Economic Development, Deep Shikha and Sharon Doherty

Predicting Effects of Climate Warming on Stream Ecosystems: Coupling Metabolic Processes and Nitrogen Fixation in Iceland's Unique Geothermal Environment, Jill Welter PhD

The Effect of Service Learning and Volunteerism on Gratitude, Keilah Worth

Submissions from 2011

In & Out of Place: Disseminating Black Feminist Performance Art from Mexico, Gabrielle Civil

(Mis)translations - a one-woman multimedia show, Francine Conley-Scott

Data Capacity, Linda Distad

Project TUESTUC: A Workshop and Mentoring Program for Two-Year College Faculty, John Dwyer

Effect of Photoperiod on Time to Flowering in Two Sunflower Varieties, Lynne Gildensoph and Alejandra Gonzalez BA

Life Management for Academic Success, Amy Heinz and Kathleen Matuska

Confronting the Prison Industrial Complex: A Campus and Community Collaboration, Nancy Heitzeg

The Role of Peripheral Cues in Credibility Judgements Concerning Wikipedia, Sook Lim

Stream Study at Belwin Conservancy, Gina Mancini-Samuelson and Sarah Van Loenen

Exploratory evaluation of a Domestic Violence Prevention Model (DVPM) curriculum among immigrant Hispanic women, Catherine Marrs Fuchsel

As the world watched: A cross-linguistic analysis of interpretations of President Obama’s inauguration speech, Laurie Swabey

The enzymatic transfer of strained ring containing bioothrogonal tags, James Wollack and Kristina Poss

Labeling of Proteins and DNA with Strained Ring Functionality for use in Bioorthogonal Reactions, James Wollack, Kristina Poss, Holly Schwarzbauer, and Klara Zelikman

Submissions from 2010

"A Mighty Fortress" far from Lake Wobegon, Allison Adrian

Introduction to Language Studies Textbook, Joanne Cavallaro

A Pilot Study Testing an Iyengar Yoga Exercise Program in Older Women with Osteoarthritis, Corjena Cheung

"The Art of Perception": Enhancing Observation Skills in Students of Nursing and Art History, Debra Filer

Women’s Biology and Health (Text), Lynne H. Gildensoph and Deborah Wygal

Nursing for Social Justice: A Model for Curriculum, Kathleen Kalb

Graduate Nurse Patterns of Practice in Spiritual Care, Renee Kumpula

College Students' Credibility Judgments of Wikipedia, Sook Lim

Examining the Influence of Isolation on Gender Role in Helisoma trivolvis, Cynthia Norton PhD and Briana Brady '11

Korean Adoptees, Sarah Park Dahlen

Re-envisioning the General Psychology Lab, Jamie Peterson Ph.D.

The Informal and Hidden Curriculum in Physical Therapy Education, Debra Sellheim and Lisa Dutton

Music for the D Row, Amy M. Shaw

Establishment of Cell Cultures from Developing Embryos & Regenerating Tissues in Lumbriculus variegatus, Kay A. Tweeten

Analysis of Chromosome Number, Protein Profiles, & Responses to Toxicants of Different Populations of Lumbriculus variegatus, Kay A. Tweeten and Chai Vang

Submissions from 2009

Observing 6-8 highly-regarded choral conductors for the purposes of professional development and submission of a journal article, Patricia Connors

Salinity Effects on Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Growth and Fruit Production, Lynne Gildensoph and Swathi Reddy

Multi-Foods Compared to Dietary Supplements for the Prevention of Prostate Cancer, Jill Hamilton-Reeves

Pedagogy and Provenance: Episodes in a Reception History of The Synagogue by Max Beckmann, Amy Hamlin

Educating Leaders in Nursing: The Role of Faculty, Kathleen Kalb, Lindsay Schipper, and Alison Watkins

Validation of a life balance model: Dissertation research, Kathleen Matuska PhD, OTR/L

Work Life Balance of Working College Students, Andrea Olson and Rachel Dauner

Sculpture/Performance at the 6th International Conference of Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Kidwelly, Wales, Tamsie Ringler

Music for the D Row, Amy M. Shaw

Comparison of the Protein Profiles and Analysis of Response of Polyploid and Diploid Populations of Lumbriculus variegatus to Environmental Toxicants, Kay A. Tweeten

Immunohistochemical Analysis of G Protein Localization in Lumbriculus variegatus, Kay A. Tweeten and Alexandra Rathbun

The Sociological and Health Implications of Hmong Agriculture in Minnesota, Hui Wilcox Ph.D.

Submissions from 2008

Perceptions of Power in the Classroom, Jamie Peterson Ph.D. and Allison Kelly

Cellular and Molecular Analysis of Degrowth in Lumbriculus variegatus, Kay A. Tweeten and Joy Larmouth

Submissions from 2007

Medicinal Plants: Their Use in Health, Community Gardening, and Spirituality, Lynne Gildensoph and Christina Heard

Better Read: Aestjetoc Theory and Modernism, Cecilia Koncharr Farr

Belly Mass in Walking Women: Effect of loads on kinematics and energetics, Marcie Myers and Andrea Hokanson

Body Size, Growth, and Reproduction in the Hermaphroditic Snail, Helisoma trivolvis, Cynthia Norton PhD and Bridget Newman

Laterality in Motor Preference, Spatial Attention, and Auditory Processing, John Pellegrini and Emily Love

Analysis of Protein Expression during Regeneration in Lumbriculus Variegatus, Kay A. Tweeten and Josephine Anuforo

Embodied Ways of Knowing, Liberal Arts Education, and Social Justice: Pedagogical research and residency of Ananya Dance Theatre, Hui Wilcox Ph.D.

Submissions from 2006

Creating an Inclusive Nursing Education Environment: Development of a Nursing Education Text, Susan Bosher and Margaret D. Pharris Ph.D.

Integration of Leg and Arm "Pendulums" During Walking: Effect of Leg and Waist Loads, Marcie Myers and Jessica McCafferty

Examining the Effect of Body Size on Gender Role in the Hermaphroditic Snail, Helisoma trivolvis, Cynthia Norton PhD and Angela Johnson

Investigations into the Distribution and Abundance of the Invasive Species Reed Canary Grass in Undisturbed Wetlands at the Cedar Creek Natural History Area, Minnesota, Martha Phillips and Carly Faber

Role of Cell Division in the Regenerative Process in Lumbriculus variegatus, Kay A. Tweeten and Barbara Pyle

Submissions from 2005

Swallowing the Fish: Staying Financially Afloat During Sabbatical, Gabrielle Civil

From the Foundation Up: Investigating the Volunteer Process in the Building of the CSC Habitat for Humanity House, Gil Clary, Andrea Olson, Mary Thoreson, Christina McGovern, Kristen Kringle, and Megan Jung

Glorious Isolation: How the American Social Contract Quietly Changed, Ann Lowry

Analyze This! A Case Study Approach in the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Gina Mancini-Samuelson and Sarah Evans

Limb Mass to Body Mass Ratio: Influences on the Temporal Characteristics of Walking, Marcie Myers, Heather Marie Hirsch, and Dilangani Boralessa

Identification of Heat Shock Proteins in Haloferax volcanii by Antibody Cross, Kay A. Tweeten and Christine Michels

Factors that Affect Susceptibility of Urban and Rural Minnesota Lakes to Winter Oxygen Depletion, Jill Welter PhD and Carrie Booth

Climate Change Implications of Reduced Snow Cover on Biological Activity in Soils, Jill Welter PhD and Miranda Johnson

Submissions from 2004

Handedness, Brain Lateralization, and Emotion, John Pellegrini and Swathi Seshadri

FTIR Characterization of Selected Coordination Compounds, Lori Slavin

Characterization of Selected Coordination Compounds by Magnetic Susceptibility Coordinates, Lori Slavin and Erin Michaelson

Role of Cell Division and Apoptosis in the Regenerative Process in Lumbriculus variegatus, Kay A. Tweeten and Amy Potthoff

Submissions from 2003

Integrating a Program of Ethics across the Undergraduate Business Curriculum, David H. Dahlberg and Gregory B. Di Novis

Alternative Models of Economic Development and Its’ Impact on Women’s Health, Deep Shikha and Jyothi Gupta

Analysis of Lumbriculs variegatus for Blood Clotting Factors, Kay A. Tweeten and Anne Janiga

Submissions from 2002

Can Inclusion be Exclusionary?, Anita Ho

Submissions from 2001

Characterizing DNA Condensation using Turbidity, John Dwyer

The Phenomenon of Sonoluminescence, Terrence Flower

Vitamin Analysis, Gina Mancini-Samuelson

Soil-Plant Interactions - An Investigation into the Interactions Among European Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), Soil Characteristics, and Forest Understory in the St. Kate's Woods, Martha Phillips